Do or do not, there is no ‘try’

In my opinion, so many people fail at life. Now, before you start hating, let me explain. Think of the most successful person you know. Think of their achievements, their successes, their life. If it was not for their success, would you even know their name? Now think of them again. Do they not have the same 2 hands, 2 feet and 1 head that you have? Do they not have the same 24 hours in a day that you do? So what sets them apart?

It’s their hard work, their determination, their persistence. If you’re going to make it in life, the first step is to make the decision. You have to decide that no matter what, you WILL make it. In my opinion, half-heartedness is the cause of so many people’s destruction. If you’re going to do something, do it properly. Otherwise, leave it for someone else who will do it properly.

We all have interconnected & unique gifts and talents, so whatever you’re not able to do yourself, best believe there’s someone else out there who can and will do it.

To win at this game called life, you have to swallow your pride & make your mind up. There is no reason for you not to be able to do anything. Your thoughts are more powerful than you realise and when partnered with your intentions & your actions, amazing things happen. If any other 2 footed, 2 eared person can accomplish, so can you. What more with GOD?



Why are you afraid of dying? Have you ever though of that? Why is it that when you’re faced with a near-death experience, you fight for your life with every morsel of strength you can muster up? Why do you celebrate each birthday, each year you have avoided death? Why do you hope to live a long life, to reach well into old age before the grim reaper comes calling? Why?

Is it the actual death that you fear or the end that you fear? Do you fear the physical pain or the emotional pain? Do you fear not being remembered , or not having done anything to remember with your life? Do you fear dying with your hopes and dreams never being realised?

We fight for our lives as though they’re the most precious thing we own, yet so many of us take each day for granted. We live repetitive, mediocre, generic lives. We limit ourselves, shrink ourselves, making as little an impact with our lives as possible, all so that we can ‘fit in’ to the norm. Frankly, each one of us is capable of doing so much more than we do, capable of living the life of our dreams. A life really worth fighting for.

Call it human nature if you want, but somewhere deep down we know how valuable this life is. We know how precious it is. And we must begin living each day as though it is the most precious thing we own.