The one thing you have that nobody else has

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live only as you can.

-Neil Gaiman


An “Eureka” Moment

Ramblings of a College Introvert

To be honest, I’ve just about given up on starting a blog. After three failed attempts on three different blog sites, I decided that commitment just wasn’t my thing. Or maybe that’s just an excuse for something else: my piteously low self-esteem. What is no one reads it? What’s the point of revealing my messy and often messed up thoughts to the ominous internet if I’m only talking to myself? Isn’t that what a diary is for? Anyhow, with all these stupid, insecure questions swarming my stupid, insecure head, I’m put off blogging again and again. Until now.

So why now? Well, here’s a little background. I’m a nineteen year old journalism student at NYU. I completed my freshmen year in May, but I won’t be returning to New York till January because I have to undergo a minor surgery that requires a whooping three-month recovery period. But more on that later. I’m female, 5’3…

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One of those moments

I want you to think back to 30 seconds ago. What were you doing? Perhaps you scratched your arm, sneezed or laughed at something with your friend beside you. Now, try as you might, but can you undo that scratch, that sneeze or that laugh? Can you ever get that moment back? That moment is forever inscribed in the history of your life. You can worry about it, think about it all you like but it’s gone. It will never return to you. You know that you are a magnificent being. That every hair on your back, every cell in your toes, every drop of blood makes you, you. So why can’t you realise that every thought, every smile, every word, makes you, you. Realise that whether you like it or not, when you reach those final moments and your life is flashing before your eyes, you will see every. Little. Moment. So be present in each moment and make each one special. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by just one event in your life. Your life is worth more than just one that moment.