One of those moments

I want you to think back to 30 seconds ago. What were you doing? Perhaps you scratched your arm, sneezed or laughed at something with your friend beside you. Now, try as you might, but can you undo that scratch, that sneeze or that laugh? Can you ever get that moment back? That moment is forever inscribed in the history of your life. You can worry about it, think about it all you like but it’s gone. It will never return to you. You know that you are a magnificent being. That every hair on your back, every cell in your toes, every drop of blood makes you, you. So why can’t you realise that every thought, every smile, every word, makes you, you. Realise that whether you like it or not, when you reach those final moments and your life is flashing before your eyes, you will see every. Little. Moment. So be present in each moment and make each one special. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by just one event in your life. Your life is worth more than just one that moment.


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