Any Way You Want

“The best advice I can give you, is that everything is a matter of perception. It’s all in how you look at things. We’re used to viewing them in a certain way, but that hasn’t done any good so far, has it? So view things differently, any way you want.”

-E. Queen


Colours Of The Rainbow..

We see ourselves and automatically set ourselves barriers. We think that because we’re this shade of melanin, we can and we can’t do this and that. So we shrink ourselves. We conform to society’s ‘expectations’. We reinforce that image, that stereotype, then when others see us conforming, what does that do? It gives them the same ‘expectations’ that we started off with, it reinforces that idea until that’s all they know. That’s all they ever see, so surely the stereotype is right, right?

They’re not racist to us, we’re racist to ourselves.

We think that just because ‘slave’ was written in black, black means slave. But it doesn’t. Black means melanin. That’s it. Black doesn’t mean ‘criminal’, ‘failure’ or ‘poor’. If I say I’m not a failure, who has the right to tell me otherwise? Before we seek to end racism in society, we must first seek to end racism in ourselves. We must see this skin and see strength. We must see opportunity. We must see hope. If we don’t see it for ourselves, who can see it for us?

Think of the rainbow. No one colour is more superior or inferior than the other. They all must work together, working as one to embrace and enhance their neighbour’s beauty, uniting to create such a masterpiece.To them, there is no ‘rich’ colour, no ‘poor colour.

They are all just colours of the rainbow