So we were born female. And the hard truth for some of us is that on that basis alone, our whole lives were planned for us. Our daily routines, our character, who we will marry. Is that fair? No. But is it reality? Unfortunately, yes.

Excuse my asking, but since when do my chromosomes determine my passions? Since when do they determine my goals, my dreams, my abilities?

Too many women are constrained to the confines of a small, uninspiring life just because of their gender.

They say we can’t be too smart, we can’t be too loud, we can’t be too adventurous, we can’t be too powerful. They say we’re too emotional, too naive, too weak. They say we can’t lead. That we’d drive our nations into despair and wreak havoc. But hasn’t every war in the history of mankind been started by a man? And have we not been successfully leading small armies in our homes for centuries upon centuries?


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